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No. 75, 6th November: Where ravens soar

This is another photo from our trip to Mull. On the fourth day we climbed Ben More, the highest mountain on the island. It was a hot and sweaty climb to the top, but fortunately our route followed a deliciously cool stream with pools we could splash about in. As we climbed higher, a bank of cloud began to cover the whole of the right side of the mountain and we worried we wouldn't get the views we hoped for - but fortunately it only added to the dramatic sight from the summit. A spectacular mix of mountains, clouds and sea stretched out before us.

We spent about two hours at the top, eating lunch, admiring the view and looking out for eagles, deer and ravens. I often feel I hold people up on walks with my desire to stop and look at things, but it was one of the joys of the trip that Issy was similarly content to sit and appreciate whatever we were looking at.

My attention was particularly caught by a couple of ravens dancing between the clouds. I always find ravens on mountaintops mesmerising to watch. They soar across the sky, then suddenly fold their wings into a tumbling dive, letting out a spine-tingling croak. The backdrop of islands and sea just made it even more spectacular.

I'd left my heavy telephoto lens behind due to the nature of the climb, so I only had my 24-70mm landscape lens with me, but fortunately the wider lens allowed me to capture the freedom of this raven soaring across the landscape.

Technical details: Canon 7D MKII + 24-70mm lens at 47mm; 1/2000 sec at f/8; ISO 160.


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