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No. 51, 23rd October: Calendars and other news

Hello! This is a bit of a different email to usual, but I have a few exciting announcements! Firstly, I'm pleased to say that my 2021 calendars are here and ready to order! You might recognise the image above as one that I sent out in this newsletter earlier in the year. Over the past few weeks, I've been carefully selecting the calendar photos to include a mix of newsletter-favourites as well as some never-seen-before images! This is now my second year making calendars and I'm really excited to build on the success of last year. They are wire-bound, double A4 in size (A3 when opened) and feature 12 wildlife and landscape photos from around the UK. Each photo is accompanied by a caption giving the story behind the image and - new for this year - I will also be including the technical details so you can see what settings I used to capture each image. The calendars are £10 each, including free UK postage, and I will also be shipping worldwide for a small additional postage fee. 10% of the sales of this calendar will be going to a nature conservation charity.

My second announcement (related to the calendars) is that I've been working hard to get an online shop set up - and it's now live!

I'm hoping this will make the process of ordering and making payments a little easier for everyone. But if, for whatever reason, you'd prefer to pay via a direct transfer, I'm still happy to send you my bank details. The shop uses PayPal and Stripe to process payments, both of which are well-trusted, secure methods.

In the shop, you'll also find a small selection of greeting cards! These cards are currently available to pre-order, and I'm expecting them to be ready to send out mid November. As with the calendars, UK postage is free and I will ship worldwide for a small cost calculated at checkout. I've spent a lot of time making these calendars and cards, and I'm so so happy with how they've turned out. Please do take a look and let me know what you think! Best wishes, Mairi


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