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No. 48, 10th September: The flying hare

Have you ever seen a flying hare? I hadn't until a few weeks ago! One evening in Norfolk, I went for a stroll just as the sun was setting. A lot of the fields of crops had been cut to leave these satisfying lines across the landscape. I spotted several hares and decided I wanted to try to capture their motion through these lines. When this hare ran, I used a slow shutterspeed and followed it with my lens so that its body remained sharp but the background blurred. I really like this technique because you can never quite know what you've got until you look back over the photos afterwards. At the time, the hare was moving so fast that I had no idea it was springing through the air in this position!

Technical details: Canon 7D MKII + 100-400mm lens at 400mm; 1/40 sec at f/5.6; ISO 250.


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