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No. 3, 26th March: This morning's sunrise

Getting up at dawn this morning was a reassuring experience. It reminded me that despite the crisis the human population is facing right now, nature is carrying on as normal; the sun is still rising, the birds are still singing and the trees are still coming into bud. I'd eyed up the silhouette of this oak tree before, but this is the first photo I've taken of it that I'm pleased with. In the past, I would sometimes photograph the sunrise before school, but on these occasions I was nearly always in a rush and couldn't spend long looking for interesting angles. This morning, however, I took my time. I approached the tree and crouched down to set it against the orange sky. As the sun rose, I experimented with placing its golden rays between different branches by shuffling my position around the hillside. I used a small aperture (f/22) to create the starburst sun you can see here.

Technical details: Canon 7D MKII + 24-70mm lens at 50mm; 1/200 sec at f/22; ISO 640.


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