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No. 25, 17th April: Treecreeper

This is another recent photo - taken the same evening as yesterday's pied flycatcher. I think there must be a treecreeper nest in the trunk of this cherry tree. Twice now I've seen a treecreeper approach the place where I know there is a hole, and each time it is briefly joined by a second treecreeper before the first disappears. The hole itself has so far always been hidden from view, but I'm fairly certain this must be where they go. Treecreepers are lots of fun to photograph because they are small and move around a lot, yet are also fairly predictable. Their movements are limited to pathways along tree trunks - a bit like trams on tramlines - so it is (just about) possible to anticipate where a treecreeper is about to go before it gets there. This is particularly helpful since I like to frame the subjects of my photos among the shapes and colours of the surroundings. If I see a patch of bright background ahead and can predict that a treecreeper is about to pass through it, I can be ready to take photos of it when it gets there.

Technical details: Canon 7D MKII + 100-400mm lens with 1.4x extender at 560mm; 1/640 sec at f/8; ISO 800.


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